Male Age 40 - $500,000 coverage for $30.19 a month*
Female Age 40 - $500,000 coverage for $36.69 a month*
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Male Age 40 - $500,000 coverage for $30.19 a month*
Female Age 40 - $500,000 coverage for $26.69 a month*
Other options also available.
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Some of our companies include...
Banner Life
United of Omaha
Many, others.
See our Learning Center for an explanation of the various types of term life insurance. Includes: Term Life vs. Whole Life, Term Life explained, and variations of term life insurance including "Return of Premium" and "How does term life insurance differ from mortgage protection". Dedicated to low cost life insurance premiums....

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$30.19/month* Life insurance.
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*Rates current as of February 3rd, 2008, Preferred Plus Underwriting Class, Medical examination required. The information provided herein is for information purposes only. It is not an offer for life insurance or solicitation of same. Any insurance application will be provided by licensed agent in the jurisdiction of the applicant. All insurance company underwriting guidelines shall apply and any offer for insurance shall be at the sole discretion of insurance company to which it is applied. Your specific underwriting class will be determined by health and other factors as determined by the insurance company selected. The premiums are subject to final determination and may change. It is not an offer for insurance by Insurance Wholesalers of America, its representatives or any insurance carrier.  Benefits and Carriers will vary for coverage provided, specific underwriting guidlines and terms and conditions specific to the policy issued.. All are subject to underwriting approval, product limitations and availability.Premiums increase at the end of the guaranteed term if policy is renewed. Premiums for other rate classes, ages, and payment plans are available upon request. Death Benefit remains level and is payable in lump sum, or installments, if so elected. The Insurance Company may contest the policy for two years from date of policy issue for material misstatements or omissions on the application. Death benefit payable from any cause except suicide within first two policy years. In the event of suicide in the first two years, policy is limited to return of premium paid. The underwriting risks, financial obligations and support functions associated with the products issued are the sole responsibility of the insurer.
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