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Lyndon Johnson signs Medicare Amendment.  Harry Truman
(The 1st enrollee) and his wife, Bess on right.
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Once you understand A, B, and D, or, C/D combination you have completed the basics. Now the big questions arise:

1) Do I get a Medicare supplement plan?
This will help cover the deductibles and co-pays Medicare does not cover.               (Specific coverage and premiums vary by plan type and other variables)

       2) Do I get an ENHANCED Medicare Advantage combination? or,

      3) Do I stick with the basic Medicare Advantage or Original Medicare alone?                And pay the copays and out of pocket expenses myself?

Our opinion; the basic "Medicare Advantage" plan is a better starting point for most people and will include a better distribution of benefits for little or no additional cost. I.E. "$0.00 (Zero) Premium"

The next level up on the benefits scale (Lower co-pays and deductibles) would be an enhanced or Premier "Medicare Advantage" plan. This would have a slightly higher premium but as already stated ; lower deductibles and co-pays.

Finally, the highest degree of protection and of course the highest premium would be a Medicare Supplement plan. With all the choices available, this means a little more thought and more specific discussion with one of our trained consultants.
Since there are at least 10 Medicare Supplement Choices (see chart) and many more Medicare Advantage choices, (depending on where you live) some heavy lifting may be required. Fortunately we have done that work for you.

For plan specifics in your area - submit a request and someone will call you on the next business day. After filling out the request we will bring you back to our Web-site for more details on each topic.  Medicare - The A' s, B's, of Medicare! and/or Medicare Supplement plans. 
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Seniors, confirm your medicare benefits here. We offer all the plans available in your area. Medicare part b, Medicare part d, Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare d, and Medicare supplemental insurance all in place.
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Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and Medicare Part d.
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Part A: Hospital Insurance
Part B: Medical Insurance

Part C: Medicare Advantage plans
Part D: Prescription Drug plans
Out-of-pocket costs
Deductible and Coinsurance
To start: Medicare has 4 basic parts, A, B, C, and D (Prescription Drugs) CMS Overview.

Ultimately you will be enrolled in Part A, Part B, and Part Dor C and D. C and D can be separate or in a combination plan, and part C is also called Medicare advantage. With me so far? 

       Note: This is illustrated on page 31 of the CMS 2008 Medicare & You Booklet

This information has been assembled as an overview with links to Medicare pages that may provide more details. It's a guide to help you through the details of Medicare and it's array of choices. We hope you find it concise and organized for a better understanding of your Medicare choices & benefits. Our commitment is to Seniors, not insurance companies.